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FITC - Building Universal JavaScript Applications with React

I gave a talk at FITC Spotlight React about building Universal JavaScript React applications.

React is a powerful production-ready library for building advanced single page applications but React’s magical power lies in its virtual DOM. React’s ability to run on both Node.js and in the browser will finally make the dream of a single codebase on both the server and client-side possible! A dream that has been too long in the making. The singular promise of JavaScript on the backend and front-end will finally come true.

This talk will explain the concepts behind universal JavaScript applications and cover the history of this struggle to achieve the same code base on the server and client-side. The talk will show you how to write React for the backend using Node.js and how to structure your application to make this efficient for your web developer team. Lastly, this talk will also share existing code scaffolding tools, code generators and CLI tools to get your Universal JavaScript app started.

The dream is here!