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FITC – Twitter Bootstrap Unleashed

18 Dec, 2014   Video

I gave a talk at FITC Web Unleashed 2014 on Twitter Bootstrap.

Twitter Bootstrap is a wildly popular HTML and CSS framework for building websites and web applications. It is the number 1 project on GitHub. Bootstrap supports responsive web design, allowing the layout of your page to adapt to the device (desktop, tablet, mobile).…

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FITC – Data Visualization in Practice

17 Dec, 2014   Video

I gave a talk at FITC Spotlight Front-End on data visualization.

Data visualization is crucial to understanding the big data being generated by apps and services. Data visualization toolkits such as D3.js and charting toolkits are immensely popular but it remains difficult to create meaningful dashboards or usable analytics tools or clear data visualizations.…


Protected: Clean Tech in Quebec

14 Aug, 2014  

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Introduction to Growth Hacking at KWS Montreal 2014

13 Aug, 2014   Video

I am very delighted to be speaking again at this year's KWS Forum, Social Good and Innovative Technology week. Be sure to attend my talk if you want to think more like a startup and growth hack. I included a discount code to the event in the article.

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Pulse Room

2 Jul, 2014   Video

Pulse Room

When I talk of my passion for projects at the intersection of art and technology, few examples come to mind as easily as the Pulse Room. In exhibition at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, this interactive installation by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer uses technology to delight and marvel you with a beautiful light show reflecting your heart rate.…

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7 Feb, 2014  

Failure comes with a certain stigma and fear, particularly among entrepreneurs. It should not be this way, for to fail is to learn.

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ThoughtBasin’s Panel on Communication and Connection

21 Jan, 2014  

I am super excited to be participating in ThoughtBasin's Panel on Communication and Connection this Thursday.

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KWS Forum Recap Video

12 Jan, 2014   Video

My friends from the Kongossa Web Series have launched a recap video of their conference.

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Trip to Seattle

6 Jan, 2014  

Seattle Art Museum
I am travelling to Seattle for a week or so at the end January.



Hipster Café Music

2 Jan, 2014  

In an ideal world we could produce our best work at any time and in any setting.

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Why I <3 Startup Grind

18 Nov, 2013  

We are just days away from the first Startup Grind event in Montreal. It is another startup event in a city that already has many, including a startup festival. But Startup Grind isn’t just another startup event; it’s an opportunity to take our community to the next level.


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Building and Publishing Node.JS Applications with Windows Azure Web Sites on OS X

8 Oct, 2013  

I will be giving a talk at JS-Montreal on October 8th, 2013 @ 7pm.


Montreal Unity User Group Meetup – October Edition

7 Oct, 2013  

I joined the Montreal Unity User Group as an Organizer in September.

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Africa + Startups = Kongossa

18 Sep, 2013   Video

The world has recognized the promise of Africa. It is home to more than a billion people and houses 16 of the world’s 30 fastest growing economies. Coupled with explosive Internet growth, there are incredible opportunities for startups and technologists.

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TEDxHEC Montreal

23 Jul, 2013   Video

At TEDxHEC Montreal, I address the question of how can we best put our networks to use. The resulting talk, entitled “Democratic Collaboration”, examined the challenges of collaboration and demonstrated the ways that technology can be used to solve these problems.

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