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ThoughtBasin's Panel on Communication and Connection

I am super excited to be participating in ThoughtBasin’s Panel on Communication and Connection this Thursday. It is the first time I will be chatting about communication and connection since becoming a full-time evangelist at Microsoft in Montreal. I will be sharing what I learned over the last 6 months in my role at Microsoft and in my volunteer role at Startup Grind Montreal. The panel is mostly geared towards students but any young professional is sure to benefit. So be sure to attend if you want to improve your network online and offline.

It’s bound to be a lot of fun as I will be joined by my friend, Fred Harper, technical evangelist at Mozilla. Fred gave a talk about personal branding not too long ago, so I am pretty sure you will not want to miss the chance to ask him how to improve your brand online.

We will also be joined by Armando Gomez from AskMen, Jo-Ann Munro from Marketel, Marie-Josée Tessier from Reader’s Digest and Vincent White from Movember Quebec.

I am excited that we will also interact with the crowd by brainstorming at the end of the event to come up with great ideas on how to communicate new concepts. Bound to be fun!

Be sure to get your ticket on Eventbrite and mark you are attending on Facebook.