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FITC - How We Built A Bot For FITC

I gave a talk at FITC 2017 about how we built a bot for the conference. Here’s the official description:

“Imagine a platform where language is the new UI. When we build chat bots that augment human abilities and experiences, it’s not about man versus machine. It is about man with machines, and each excels at different things. Machines are incredibly persistent if we instruct them to be; even if all we want them to do is provide us with an endless series of cat GIFs. And what better way to please the human spirit than by randomly sending you a cat GIF and being able to answer your questions!

This talk will introduce Microsoft’s Conversation as a Platform and dive into the Bot Framework and Microsoft Cognitive Services. Rami will show you how we built the FITC bot, the design considerations and conversation flow followed by the reasoning behind our insistence on cat GIFs.”