FailCampMTL is back!

Failure comes with a certain stigma and fear, particularly among entrepreneurs. It should not be this way for to fail is to learn. With that in mind, I am super happy to be one of the instigators behind the rebirth … Continued

KWS Forum Recap Video

My friends from the Kongossa Web Series have launched a recap video of their conference. The KWS Forum was fantastic and the video below will prove it! Be sure not to miss the next KWS forum in Toronto. You also … Continued

Trip to Seattle

I am travelling to Seattle for a week or so at the end January. I have quite a bit of free time in the evenings and I need your help finding things to do, tasty food to eat, sights to … Continued

Hipster Café Music

In an ideal world we could produce our best work at any time and in any setting. Alas, instead of living in such a world, we occupy a universe in which productivity is contingent on a number of factors, the … Continued