App Run @McGillU – Second WP App “SG Web”

After learning about the developer movement contests at the App Run event @McGillU, I wanted to complete the contest and get a second app published. I am a web developer and I typically build SaaS apps for which I use SendGrid for all my emailing needs (also as a Rackspace customer, I get a free bronze account). I love their service, it does the job extremely well and has some really awesome features such as tracking bounces, real-time analytics, etc… Even better, the service provides a third-party API for their web app which lets you pull in statistics and account information. A quick search and I realized that they do not seem to have any native apps on Windows Phone. I figured it would be awesome to have one and offer it for free, the least I could do.

SG Web allows you to view your SendGrid account information and statistics in Metro style. You can view all your bounces, blocks, filters, etc… as well as statistics from the past 10 days. This app uses the standard REST Web API and will not transmit any of your credentials. I have to stress again that this app is not developed by SendGrid Inc. but by enthusiasts who love the service, in case you skipped the first paragraph. The app is pretty neat tech-wise because it queries the REST API asynchronously using RestSharp and I integrated amCharts for graphing the stats.

You can download it here.

I am also obligated to say that the SendGrid name and trademark belongs to SendGrid Inc.

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