Spring Break is Over – What Did I Build?

Spring break is over (yes, confusingly at McGillU, spring break is in February :S). Free time means building and developing projects, so what did I build this break?

Send to Redmine Chrome Extension
While developing web apps, you will often find a bug or design break which you will immediately file an issue for in whatever issue tracking software you use and if you’re diligent you may take a screenshot. I find myself doing these steps at least 5-10 times a day, so I decided to create an extension that would immediately create an issue for me with a link to the current page attached in the description and send it to Redmine. I develop web apps in Chrome so I made the extension for that browser first. Firefox is coming soon unless you want to help out and contribute. The repositories for the Redmine extension is here.

Developing the Redmine plugin was fairly simple as Redmine has a REST interface for most of the useful options since version 1.3. I actually had to upgrade my instance as I was still running 1.2. Currently, the only limitation is that enumerations are not supported through the REST API so the priorities are currently hard coded.

P.S. I used Twitter’s Bootstrap to style the project as that was the easy and quick solution. Maybe, I’ll come back to this later with a custom form style.

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