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Introduction to Growth Hacking at KWS Montreal 2014

I participated as a speaker at last year’s KWS Forum and I am very delighted to be speaking again!

The KWS Forum this year is manifesting itself as a week of fantastic talks on technology and social innovation. The forum is focusing on the new opportunities brought by the high penetration of technology around the world and the ability of agents of change, brands and corporations to amplify their missions. It is taking place between the 29th of September and the 3rd of October. More information can be found here.

I will be giving a talk titled “Introduction to Growth Hacking for Traditional Marketers”. Growth hacking is a mindset and a collection of marketing tactics relying on creativity, data and feedback loops to grow brands, products and services at scale. The term growth hacking has a nebulous reputation, and has many critics (Read: people who hate the term) and fans (Read: people who love it to death). Nonetheless, the concept of growth hacking and the accompanying title of “growth hacker” have taken a life of its own. For the marketer accustomed to a more traditional approach, the terms may seem foreign and the techniques bizarre but they do offer valuable lessons on how to grow your product, services and brands in a disruptive, viral web-first world. Be sure to attend my talk if you want to think more like a startup and get a handle on the concept of growth hacking.

Other speakers at the conference include Amelia Showalter, former Director of Digital Analytics at President Obama’s re-election campaign, and my friend Louis-Félix Binette from f. & co.

If you’re interested in attending the conference, be sure to use the promo code “Startup” and receive 10% off here.