Follow Up – Three Additional Principles for Web Development

Thank you everyone for the feedback! Many interesting points were raised on twitter and on Facebook, so I thought I would follow-up with a couple of extensions to the first principle. You can read my original article here.

Perfect the Most Frequent Use Case
Andre wrote: “Focus on delivering the core, not making the perfect application. Users will influence how the application evolves, once they are using it.”

That is a very excellent point and it goes back to answering the “Why?” question. Your user will know most likely why they still use your application instead of a competitor’s, so why not make their job answering the “Why?” question easier by incorporating their feedback into the evolution of the application. This is classic Agile Development Methodology! DO IT!

Alex wrote: “Pro-tip (from Dave McClure I think): Stop adding features, start removing features. If a majority of your user base doesn’t flip shit, that feature should never have been built. Leave it out.”

Your most frequent use case is your only important use case. Make it awesome!

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