CUSEC 2012 Review

This year was the first time that I attend CUSEC, the Canadian University Software Engineering Conference, and I have to say it was an incredibly well-organized and fun event. I decided to write this brief review because the event definitely deserves more noise about how awesome it it!

The Canadian University Software Engineering Conference (or CUSEC) is a three-day event that brings together undergraduate and post-graduate students for learning, networking, and sharing their passion for software. CUSEC 2012 will happen from January 19-21, 2012 in Montreal, Quebec.

The Speakers

The speakers for the talks that I attended were all great and definitely provoked thought and buzz. Bret Victor’s talk about Inventing on Principle was awesome! He introduced the concept and he definitely has influenced my thoughts about how to program and how we should program. Thinking about it again, I definitely feel sad that I do not have access to some of the tools he showed off. I can not help but think how much more fun programming would be when presented that way. I realize that I have not really described the concept… and I doubt I can do it better than him so I will make sure you WATCH THIS VIDEO NOW! :P

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle from CUSEC on Vimeo.

We need these tools for teaching programming to high school students. It would have made the first time I learned to program C++ in high school so much fun!

Alexis Ohanian’s talk about social activism was great as well! It’s quite incredible how people can come together online and change the world. We have seen it so often over the last year where everything from protests to dictator toppling movements have taken place and fueled entirely online. Alexis spends most of the time talking about the battles over SOPA in the states and how much he would really like to thank the Internet for being as awesome as it is! THE INTERNET ROCKS! You can see his talk on vimeo here.

The Organizers

The organizers were friendly and had everything under control. They gave away name tags, shirts and freebies bags to all the attendees, a very nice touch!

The Sponsors

The conference organizers did a really great job in getting sponsors from different parts of the industry. Furthermore, the sponsor booths were well located, easily accessible and conducive to excellent discussions without being cramped as is common in other fairs. It was great to also see companies from different parts of North America, something that is rare in other conferences.


I highly recommend all interested engineering students to attend CUSEC 2013. I certainly will be attending and I am very excited to see which speakers will be there next year! WOOT FOR AN AWESOME CONFERENCE FOR STUDENTS IN MONTREAL! :)

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